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All the Pierre Lannier watchmaking know-how in our Edito, to bring you our advice, tips and information. Discover our watch blog with its articles and news: to guide you in your purchases and the use of your Pierre Lannier watch. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask our customer service!

How to choose a watch for our partner?

When a holiday or special occasion approaches, giving a watch is often a very good idea. Functional and trendy, it is a gift that,...
Gift ideas

How to clean a watch ?

Once adopted, it is rare that you remove a watch if not to sleep. For practical and trendy reasons, a watch quickly becomes an ind...

Match your watch to your outfit

We know how difficult it can be to choose an evening outfit that is not only perfect but also matches your favorite accessory. Tru...

How to set a watch?

Every year it's the same! When the time change comes, we often wonder "how to set my watch?" It would be a shame that your Pierre...

How to wear a watch?

We have all asked ourselves "how to wear a watch"? A vast question that we will try to clarify for you. Your favorite object is an...

5 tips for maintaining your watch

STORE YOUR WATCH Preserve your watch by storing it when it is not on your wrist. You don't know where to put your auto...
Technical guide

Which watch to choose?

  We often wonder how to choose a watch. The choice of a watch can be a real headache especially in terms of size. We...
Technical guide

The Black friday of your French watchmaker

The Black Friday Pierre Lannier 2020 on a selection of our men's and women's watches. The black friday falls this yea...
Technical guide

Square watch a big trend

AN ORIGINAL AND TECHNICAL COLLECTION The LECARÉ Collection is characterised by the finesse of its case, it lightness,...
Technical guide

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