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A short history of French watchmaking

In this article dedicated to the history of French watchmaking, dive into the setting that gave birth to this art. Discover all it...

How to take care of your 1977 watch ?

Your 1977 watch is designed to accompany you through time and to withstand the passing of years. It will be by your sides for many...

What is a chronograph watch and how to choose the right one?

As a definition, a chronograph watch designates a watch with complications, i.e. a watch that has other functions than the time di...
Shopping guide

Taking care of your watch at the beach

Summer is already here and many of you will succumb to the call of swimming in the sea or in fresh water to cool off. Whether your...

What is a quartz watch and how does it work?

Choosing a watch is not always easy. You can base your choice on the price, the color, the components, the design, the brand or th...

How do Solar Watches work?

Pierre Lannier takes a big dose of vitamin D by launching its new collection of watches for men with the Inti solar movement. Real...
Technical guide

A word from the designer

If Pierre Lannier makes a point of honor to guarantee quality and robustness on all its models, our designers are inspired by the...

Where and how to change the battery of your watch?

Quartz watches require a battery to operate. It usually takes between a year and a half and three years before the battery runs ou...
Technical guide

Battery-free watches

The watch is an essential object of our daily life, adopted by a majority of people for its practicality as well as its aesthetici...

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