Date of last update: 20/04/2021.


It is hereby specified that the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) are applicable to the website in the context of the sale of its products (watches, bracelets, jewellery, watch accessories, etc.) and services (delivery, etc.). Our GTC are likely to be updated according to the evolution of our products and services. The date of the last update is available in the preamble of these GTC.



The site, hereinafter referred to as "the site" is published by the company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR.




HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS: 16, rue de Dossenheim, 67330, Ernolsheim-lès-Saverne

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +33 (0)3 88 70 39 59



PUBLICATION DIRECTOR: Jean-Baptiste Kuhn, Marketing and Digital Director



IDENTIFICATION SIRET: 818 434 458 000 19



To discover the complete legal notice, you can go to the following page:


  2. The Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU operates a B to C e-commerce space within its website This service is reserved for retail sales only.
  3. Any order taken on this space of sale on line supposes the consultation and the preliminary acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale (CGV).
  4. The customer has the option of saving and printing these General Terms and Conditions of Sale by using the standard functions of his browser or computer.
  5. The customer declares to have obtained from the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU all the necessary information as for the use of the space of sale on line and with the characteristics as well quantitative as qualitative of the products.
  6. The customer recognizes to be perfectly informed of the fact that his agreement concerning the contents of the present General Conditions of Sale does not require the handwritten signature of this document.
  7. The customer also declares that the acquisition of the products is not directly related to his professional activity, their acquisition being exclusively intended for his personal private and non-professional use.
  8. As a consumer, the customer has specific rights, which would be called into question in the event that the products acquired within the framework of the website were in fact related to his professional activity.
  9. The customer declares that he/she is an adult or an emancipated minor within the meaning of Articles 476, 477 and 1124 of the Civil Code, and that he/she has full legal capacity to commit himself/herself under these general conditions.


  2. The purpose of the present general conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the parties within the framework of the sale of products offered by the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU on its online sales space, accessible within its website
  3. The fact that the purchaser orders a product offered for sale on the site signifies full acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale, which he/she acknowledges having read before ordering by clicking on the box "I acknowledge having read these General Conditions of Sale and I accept the terms" just before proceeding to payment.


  2. The contractual documents are, in order of priority

- These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS);

- The order form.

  1. In the event of contradiction, the higher-ranking document shall prevail.


  2. The version of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale enforceable against the customer is the one appearing on the site at the time of validation of the order by the customer. The date of the last update is available in the preamble of these GTC.
  3. The different versions of the general conditions of sale are archived by the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU.
  4. The documents appearing on line on the space of sale on line of the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU prevail on any paper version of former date.
  5. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale may be modified or deleted at any time by the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU. The date of the last update is accessible in the preamble of these GCS.


  2. The space of electronic trade of the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU accessible at the address, mentions the following information:

- The name of the seller of the product, its telephone number, the address of its registered office;

- The essential characteristics of the product offered for sale;

- The delivery costs;

- The terms of payment and delivery;

- The existence of a right of withdrawal;

- The period of validity of the offer and its price.

  1. The customer acknowledges having, prior to placing the order, read all the information referred to in the first paragraph of this article by clicking on the box "I acknowledge having read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and I accept the terms" just before proceeding with payment.


  2. The Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU reserves the right, without notice nor compensation, to close temporarily or definitively the web site or the access to one or more services such as the space of sale on line.
  3. The Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU is not responsible for the damage of any nature which can result from these changes and/or a temporary unavailability or the definitive closing of whole or part of the Web site or the services which are associated with it such as the space of sale on line.


  2. The information which is requested by the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU, in particular through the purchase order, is necessary to the treatment of the order and could be communicated to the contractual partners of the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU to ensure the good treatment of the aforementioned order.
  3. The company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU published a Policy of Confidentiality, in conformity with the requirements of the General Regulation on the Protection of the Data, accessible at the following address It presents the data which are collected during the navigation of the customers on the sales space, the treatments carried out by PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU on these data, the duration of conservation of these data and indicates to the customers their rights of opposition, correction or suppression of these data.
  4. In order to be able to update the personal data relating to the customer, this last one makes a commitment to provide with the request of the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU or its partners (SOGENACTIF, ONEYTRUST, CHRONOPOST,) all the information which will be required of him.



  1. ORDER

In the event of exceptional circumstances (closure of the site, government restrictions, etc.), some elements of these General Terms and Conditions of Sales (GTCS) may be temporarily modified. They are indicated in the preamble of the GTC in a dedicated section.

9.1 Identification and acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale

  1. The customer wishing to enter into these general terms and conditions of sale undertakes to provide the information requested in advance using the forms available online on the website.
  2. The customer also certifies the truthfulness and accuracy of the information thus provided.
  3. The contractualisation procedure comprises the following stages:

- Step 1: referencing the mandatory fields of the identification and information forms; at this stage, the customer can identify and correct any errors made in entering his/her data;

- Step 2: consultation of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale;

- Step 3: acceptance of all the General Terms and Conditions of Sale by validating the order.

- Step 4: possibility for the customer to place an order by making a payment;

- Step 5: the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU acknowledges receipt of the customer's order without delay and by electronic means.

  1. The customer is informed that the present general conditions are the object of an archiving by the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU, and that it can reach the archived contract. To do so, he/she must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the Company:


PIERRE LANNIER - Service Consommateurs

16, rue de Dossenheim



  1. The customer guarantees the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU against any recourse or claim from a third party concerning an illicit registration with regard to the terms of the present general conditions of sale.
  2. If an order is fraudulent or presumed as such, it will be considered null and void.

9.2 Order taking

  1. Orders placed by the customer are made by means of dematerialised order forms.
  2. Any order form signed by the customer by "double click" constitutes an irrevocable acceptance, which can only be called into question in the cases exhaustively provided for in the present general conditions in the articles "Right of withdrawal" and "Execution of the order".

9.3 Confirmation of contractual information

  1. The contractual information will be confirmed in good time and at the latest at the time of delivery, by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by the customer on the order form.
  2. This confirmation e-mail will include the following information:

- The summary of your order (date, amount and order number);

- The precise content of the order;

- The delivery address of the order;

- Order tracking information.

  1. It is up to the customer, under his responsibility, to preserve on the support of his choice the contractual information received from the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU.

9.4 Right to cancel

You have the right to cancel this contract within 30 days without giving any reason. The cancellation period will expire after 30 days from the day on which you acquire, or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by you acquires, physical possession of the last good.
To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us (, 16 rue de dossenheim, 67330 Ernolsheim les Saverne, ) of your decision to cancel this contract by a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, or e-mail). To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired.

Effects of cancellation

If you cancel this contract, we will reimburse to you all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (except for the supplementary costs arising if you chose a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us). We may make a deduction from the reimbursement for loss in value of any goods supplied, if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling by you. We will make the reimbursement without undue delay, and not later than –

(a) 30 days after the day we receive back from you any goods supplied, or

(b) (if earlier) 30 days after the day you provide evidence that you have returned the goods

We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement. We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the goods back or you have supplied evidence of having sent back the goods, whichever is the earliest. You shall send back the goods or hand them over to us without undue delay and in any event not later than 30 days from the day on which you communicate your cancellation from this contract to us. The deadline is met if you send back the goods before the period of 40 days has expired. You will have to bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

You are only liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. Here is the address you may send back the goods:



16, rue de Dossenheim



  1. This right of withdrawal is exercised without penalty.


  1. In the hypothesis of the exercise of the right of retractation, the customer can ask for an exchange, a credit note or the refunding of the paid sums. This refund will be carried out as soon as possible and at the latest in the 30 days which follow the reception by PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU of the returned parcel.

9.5 Refunding

The possible refunds will intervene automatically with restitution of the ordered products in their packing of origin and in a state allowing their resale. The corresponding sums will be sent to the customer using the same means of payment as for the payment, or without additional costs for the customer.

9.6 Execution of the order

  1. If the order is placed via Paypal, the order will be executed within the time period indicated to the consumer, starting on the same day if the order was placed before 3 p.m. or on the following day if the customer placed the order after 3 p.m. If the order is placed on Friday after 11am, the order will be sent on Monday, excluding public holidays or bank holidays.

If the order is placed via Sogenactif, the order will be executed as soon as it has been validated by our partner ONEYTRUST. ONEYTRUST carries out an action to secure our banking transactions against fraud. If the validation of the order occurs before 3pm, it will be executed the same day or the following day if it occurs after 3pm. If the order is validated by ONEYTRUST on Friday after 11am, the order will be sent on Monday excluding public holidays.

  1. In case of unavailability of the ordered product, the customer will be informed as soon as possible and will have the possibility to change the product, to cancel the order or to be reimbursed for any amounts paid, within 30 days of their payment at the latest.
  2. In addition, the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU informs its customer that in the event of unavailability of stocks, the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU will be able to close temporarily its space of sale on line and will possibly indicate a date of reopening of this space.
  3. During the time of closure of the space of sale on line, the customer will not be able to carry out an order of products.
  4. The delivery time of the product is explicitly indicated in working days on each product sheet of the website

9.7 Delivery

  1. The products are delivered to the address indicated by the customer on the order form.
  2. The online sale of the products presented on the site is reserved for customers who reside in metropolitan France (including Corsica) and Monaco as well as Belgium, Luxembourg and United Kingdom.
  3. When the customer orders several products at the same time, the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU reserves the possibility of splitting the shipments or on the contrary of grouping together several orders of the same customer having the same delivery address.

9.8. Mode of payment

  1. To pay for his order, the customer has, at his choice, all the methods of payment mentioned in the order form:

- Credit card, via our partner SOGENACTIF ;

- Paypal, via the dedicated module.

  1. In the event of payment by bank card on this site, the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU uses the system of safety of the company SOGENACTIF, provider specialized in the safety of the payments on line. We guarantee the total confidentiality of your banking information, secured by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, which automatically checks the validity of access rights during your payment by bank card and encrypts all exchanges in order to guarantee confidentiality.
  2. In the event of payment by bank card on the site, the company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU informs its customers that the data will be transmitted to its partner ONEYTRUST which operates in the security of banking transactions. ONEYTRUST will determine if an order is fraudulent or not.
  3. The bank transaction by credit card, carried out between the customer and the secure system is therefore entirely encrypted and protected. This means that the information related to your order and your credit card number do not circulate unencrypted on the Internet. The customer's bank details are not stored electronically by the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU.

9.9 Service of follow-up of the order

  1. From this service, the customer can reach the following operations:

- The activation of the right of retractation; possibility of cancelling the order in the respect of the conditions defined in the present general conditions;

- The consultation of the status of the execution of the order;

- The possibility of making complaints in the event of non-receipt of the product.

  1. The aforementioned operations shall be addressed by the customer to the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU by e-mail form from the online shop or by post to the following address


16, rue de Dossenheim



9.10 Cancellation of the order

The Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order. The Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU reserves the right not to dispatch the order in the case, where our partner ONEYTRUST or our company estimates that it is necessary to check that the holder of the means of payment was not victim of a fraud. To do this, we reserve the right to contact the customer to make sure and to call on one of our partners ONEYTRUST, specialists in the fight against fraud on the Internet.


  2. The prices for ordering the products are indicated in the online sales area dedicated to this purpose.
  3. The prices are displayed in euros, including VAT.
  4. The prices take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order and any change in the applicable VAT rate will automatically be reflected in the prices of the products in the sales area.
  5. In case of an order to a country other than France or the European Union, you are the importer of the product(s) concerned. For certain products shipped outside the European Union and French overseas departments and territories, the price will automatically be calculated exclusive of tax on the invoice. Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or state taxes may be payable. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU. They will be chargeable to the customer and raise of its whole responsibility, as well in terms of declarations as of payments to the authorities and/or qualified organizations of its country.
  6. All the orders whatever their origin are payable in euros.
  7. The company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the rates in force at the time of the recording of the orders.


  2. The sold products become the full and whole property of the customer only with the perfect payment of the price indicated on the purchase order.
  3. By perfect payment of the price, the parts understand the cashing by the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU of the payment of the customer, expenses and taxes included.



Your Pierre Lannier watch is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. The Pierre Lannier guarantee covers all material and manufacturing defects.

Any component covered by the warranty will be repaired or the watch will be replaced free of charge provided that the material or manufacturing defects are revealed under normal conditions of use.

In case of replacement, Pierre Lannier cannot guarantee that you will receive a watch of the same model. If your model is not available, a watch of equivalent value or similar style will be provided.

The Pierre Lannier guarantee does not cover:

- The battery, the glass, the watch straps, and the jewellery (rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings).

- Defects resulting from accidents or improper or abusive use as well as the consequences of normal wear and tear of the watch.

- Damage due to interventions by unauthorised third parties.

- This warranty is void if the watch has been damaged by accident, negligence of persons other than the manufacturer's authorized agents and representatives, unauthorized services or other factors besides defects in material or workmanship.


Any watch that is returned will be inspected by our watchmakers, who will check for the highlighted defect, the proper use of the watch and perform an overall check of the watch.

If the problem you encounter with your watch is not covered by the Pierre Lannier warranty or if your warranty has expired, Pierre Lannier's After-Sales Service will send you an estimate of the cost of the necessary repairs by e-mail or by post. Pierre Lannier will only proceed with the repairs once you have accepted the estimate.

For any repair, please send your watch, a proof of purchase (the invoice is available in your customer account on the website and a completed repair form to the following address



16, rue de Dossenheim



The cost of returning goods is borne by the customer after 30 days following receipt of the order. Pierre Lannier shall bear the cost of return shipment, in France only.

All returns under guarantee must be accompanied by the original Guarantee Certificate and a copy of the purchase invoice available in the customer account on the website


  2. The computerized registers preserved in the computer systems of the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU, will be preserved under reasonable conditions of safety and will be regarded as the evidence of the communications, the orders and the payments occurred between the parts.
  3. The filing of the purchase orders and the invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable support being able to be produced as proof.


  2. The Customer must have a password in order to be able to order within the Pierre Lannier online sales area.
  3. The Customer is solely responsible for the preservation and confidentiality of his/her password.
  4. The customer undertakes to take all useful measures to ensure this complete confidentiality.
  5. The customer undertakes to notify, without delay, any loss, forgetfulness or revelation, whether voluntary or not, of his/her password to third parties.
  6. This notification must be addressed to the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU and confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
  7. The Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU will stop the access to the service and will refuse any access or any order, under this password, within 24 hours following the reception of the registered letter with acknowledgement of delivery. Only the date of delivery of the registered letter is authentic between the parts.



The customer undertakes not to damage, access illegally or modify the data stored on the website of the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU under penalty of criminal prosecution.


  2. The elements belonging to the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU, such as the Web site, the drawings and models, the images, the texts as well as the design of the product are the exclusive property of the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU, or were yielded to him.
  3. The present general conditions of sale do not involve any transfer of any kind of intellectual property right on the elements belonging to the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU (sounds, photographs, images, literary texts, artistic works, software, mark, graphic charters, logos?
  4. The customer is interdict to attack directly or indirectly with the rights of property of the Company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU.


  2. None of the parts will take of engagement in the name and for the account of the other.
  3. Each party remains solely responsible for its own actions, allegations and commitments.



The company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU could not be held for person in charge of the non-fulfilment of the contract concluded in the event of stock shortage or of unavailability of the product, of cause beyond control, of disturbance, of all-out or partial strike, in particular of the postal services, the means of transport and/or communication, flood, fire.


  1. LAW
  2. These general terms and conditions of sale are governed by French law.
  3. This applies to both substantive and formal rules.
  4. 3. In application of the European Regulation 524/2013 of 21 May 2013 on the online settlement of consumer disputes, you can access the European online dispute resolution platform by clicking on the following link:



The submission of notices is reserved for users of products or services (hereinafter "the Product(s) or Service(s)") presented on the websites of the PIERRE LANNIER Group. The purpose of the notices is to help Internet users, hereinafter referred to as "Internet user(s)" or "User(s)" of the PIERRE LANNIER Group's Internet sites and shops in their choice.

Users of the PIERRE LANNIER Opinions Service undertake to respect these conditions and declare that they accept them in their entirety.

The "PIERRE LANNIER Reviews" Service allows Users to share their comments on the Products and Services offered by PIERRE LANNIER. These comments or opinions are accessible to Internet users of the above-mentioned sites as soon as they consult the web page highlighting a Product or Service, the subject of the comment. These comments or opinions may also be published on other media (paper, screen, etc.)

20.1. Certification of reviews

All the reviews submitted and published on the PIERRE LANNIER Group sites are certified by an independent third party, WETHIC Certification, through the action of the user.

This certification assures the customers of the PIERRE LANNIER sites that the writer of the review is indeed the paying consumer of the product or service.

The certification is exhaustive and the third party certifier controls the entire certification process in accordance with its CCW 11.01 reference system filed and validated by the COFRAC on 9/12/16 and in accordance with articles L 115-27 of the Consumer Code relating to the certification of Services.

20.2. Process for submitting a notice

The Internet user has several ways of submitting a review. They can submit their review:

- Directly on the internet page of the product, shop, brand or service concerned

- Following a request received by e-mail from the PIERRE LANNIER Group

In order to submit a review, the Internet User must fill in certain mandatory fields, including means of contact which are not visible or accessible by other Internet Users and which enable them to communicate with the User. The Internet user undertakes to provide accurate means of contact (in particular his/her e-mail address).

If the Internet user is directly identified, this information will already be available as well as the invoices of historical purchases.

With regard to certain legal provisions, PIERRE LANNIER may be subject to an obligation to collect and retain the identification data of Internet users who have contributed to the creation of online content. The Internet User thus undertakes to transmit accurate data on his identity and to refrain from usurping the identity of a third party or any other entity.


The User who submits an opinion on a Product or Service also has the possibility of :

- Specify their gender and age group

- Specify an approximate duration of use of the Product or Service

- Rate the product or service

- Specify their geographical region

- Rules for publishing a review

- Reviews must be relevant, bona fide and useful to Internet users wishing to purchase the Product or Service concerned. The review must try to explain the qualities or defects of the Product or Service in question (technical qualities, ergonomics, aesthetics, reception, delays, etc.), according to the conditions of use. You can also contribute your own experience and ideas for improvement.


The User may only include text in his comments. The comments must contain the User's personal opinion; he/she may not copy or repeat the writings of a third party. After sending the comment, the opinion is published within 3 working days on all the partner sites of the companies of the PIERRE LANNIER Group offering the Product or Service, the subject of the opinion, in the same language. The Internet User acknowledges that for technical reasons, the publication of his/her review on the aforementioned websites of the PIERRE LANNIER Group may take more than 3 working days.


In order to guarantee the quality of our PIERRE LANNIER Opinion Service, the User of the Opinion service is committed to writing a comment on a Product or Service that he/she has actually tested or used, by authorizing the transmission of his/her proof of purchase to WETHIC certification to certify his/her opinion.


A review is not validated, will not be published and may be deleted for one of the following reasons (non-exhaustive list):

- The product or service concerned has not been used by the reviewer

- The review submitted does not concern the Product or Service that is the subject of the review

- The review contains too many spelling mistakes or poor syntax, reducing its interest

- The review contains advertising and/or commercial statements

- The review contains racist, xenophobic, rude, insulting or defamatory statements

- The notice may infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties (such as quoting a brand)

- The elements relating to the identity of the User contain insults or coarse language

- The notice refers to persons including well-known personalities or does not guarantee the anonymity of Users

- The notice includes an email address, a telephone number, a postal address or any other data that directly or indirectly identifies a natural or legal person

- The notice includes a credit card number, bank account number, social security number or any other data that could lead to identity theft

- The attributes of the submitted notice contain concrete elements of conflict of interest

The number of reviews submitted by the Internet user is not limited.

However, in the event of the submission of several reviews on the same product by the same Internet user, they will be published, except in the case of obvious abuse and subject to compliance with all of the present conditions, in order to preserve the fairness of the information published, while allowing the customer to express his or her opinion on the product as it is used over time.

Reviews that are more than 2 years old may no longer be published in order to take into account changes and improvements to the product that may render older reviews obsolete for the future customer. This policy will be submitted and validated by WETHIC Certification.

The submission of the review does not lead to its immediate publication. It must be validated by a moderator before publication.


20.3. Validation of opinions

The User of the PIERRE LANNIER Opinion Service accepts that his or her comment submitted is examined by a team in charge of moderation. The moderator verifies that the reviews comply with the present conditions.

If the comment submitted complies with these conditions, the User receives an email confirming that his or her comment has been validated.

In the event of non-compliance with one of the provisions of this document, the User will receive an email informing him/her that his/her review cannot be validated as it stands, the reasons for non-publication and a link enabling the review to be reformulated.

The reformulated notice which will be submitted again by the User will be submitted again to a moderator.


20.4. Publication of the notice

The User of the PIERRE LANNIER Opinion Service is informed that the opinion published does not contain his/her surname, e-mail or postal address, or any personal data.

The reviews will be published in two categories, the "Certified reviews" will have been checked by WETHIC Certification, the non-certified reviews will be published without any guarantees on the reality of the customer experience and the information relating to the customer experience.

In order for Users to benefit from a relevant PIERRE LANNIER Review Service, they accept that published reviews may be removed in one of the following cases (non-exhaustive list):

- The published review is more than 24 months old

- The email address of the author of the review is not valid

- The Product or Service is no longer offered by one of the websites of the PIERRE LANNIER Group

- The Product or Service has been modified in such a way that the review is no longer relevant to the initial Product or Service


20.5. What happens to your opinion?

By posting a review or comment on the "PIERRE LANNIER Review Service", the User acknowledges that this review becomes public and grants the companies of the PIERRE LANNIER Group and their duly authorized partners the right to use, store, publish, translate, create derivative works from, exploit, distribute and display the content of the review and/or comment, in full or in part, within the framework of any protection under intellectual property rights from which they may benefit, and to use the name and/or first name supplied with the notice or comment for any purpose, particularly commercial and advertising purposes, on all media, particularly the Internet, emailing (paper and/or online), posters, signage, point-of-sale advertising, leaflets, advertisements, magazines, television and radio media and similar media, throughout the world and for a period of 10 years.

The User of the PIERRE LANNIER Notice Service accepts that the brands of the PIERRE LANNIER Group and the companies of the PIERRE LANNIER Group have a right of reply following the publication of the notice. This response will be made public or will be addressed solely to the User who submitted the notice.


20.6. Responsibilities

The User of the PIERRE LANNIER Notice Service undertakes to comply with the regulations in force, the present notice publication conditions as well as any conditions of use present on the site which allowed the publication of the notice.

PIERRE LANNIER reserves the right not to publish a notice that is contrary to the present conditions without informing the Internet user. In the same way, PIERRE LANNIER reserves the right, at any time and without prior warning, to delete a notice that it deems to be contrary to the present conditions as well as to the regulations in force.

PIERRE LANNIER declines all responsibility for the content written by the Users of the "PIERRE LANNIER Notice Service" as well as for any request from third parties in relation to the content of the comments published. A "Report abuse" section is available to you to inform us of any comment or note that you consider inappropriate or contrary to these conditions.

The User of the "PIERRE LANNIER Opinions Service" acknowledges that the judicial authorities may request the communication of his/her personal data.


20.7. Protection of personal data

The information related to your proof of purchase and your comment is subject to automated data processing for which WETHIC Certification is responsible. The purpose of this automated data processing is to verify the authenticity of the act of purchase or use of the product or service commented on in the review submitted and for which a request for certification has been made. Within the framework of its policy of certification of the consumer comments on its Internet site, the company PIERRE-LANNIER.FR SASU is likely to communicate to its service provider WETHIC, the proof of purchase and the personal data concerning you collected at the time of your order, at ends of analysis and evaluation for the certification of your comment on its Internet site. During this analysis, WETHIC may access information stored in the proof of purchase to ensure the veracity of the act of purchase or use of the product or service commented on.

WETHIC will keep the data thus collected for the purpose of enriching and managing its comment certification system, and this for the duration of the certification that may be issued for the comment in question.

WETHIC is the third party certifier to whom the request for certification was made. Failure to provide proof of purchase or use in relation to your comment will prevent the certification of your comment and consequently the display of the WETHIC stamp next to this comment when it is published.

An irregular declaration, an anomaly or the transmission of false evidence may also be subject to specific treatment and will result in the refusal or cancellation of the certification implemented by WETHIC for the comment in question.

In accordance with the amended law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978, relating to information technology, files and freedoms, you have the right to access, rectify and object to all your personal data at any time by writing to WETHIC, in its capacity as data controller, at one of the following postal addresses, providing proof of your identity



4 rue du Noyer


16, rue de Dossenheim




Oneytrust processes the data related to your operation to secure the transactions carried out on the website.


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