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Want a Milanese bracelet to dress up your wrist and your favorite watch? Or would you rather have a leather strap for everyday use, soft, supple and pleasant to wear? It's up to you to choose, with our range of watch straps for all our collections: Eolia, Automatic, Cityline for him and for her, you will inevitably find your happiness in our interchangeable bracelets, often compatible with several collections. Changing your Pierre Lannier watch strap allows you to preserve for a long time all its brightness and the sharpness. By quickly choosing a new watch strap, you can change your it in less than 30 seconds and thus adapt your watch to the rhythm of your desires and your outfits. Without regular and meticulous maintenance of your watch strap, it can lose its beauty, get scratched, lose its leather color and sometimes even get permanently damaged.

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Thanks to the Quick-Release you can change your strap without any tool, your fingers are enough to avoid scratching your watch. Once you have changed your strap, check that it fits properly before wearing your watch. Don't forget to check that your women's watch strap is compatible with your watch. Men's straps are also interchangeable. To check the compatibility of your watch, check the width of your strap in the technical specifications of your watch. They are accessible in any of our watches' data sheets.

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Our Quick-Release system is now integrated in all our collections. Discover how to change your watch strap in only 30 seconds through this short video.