Alternatives zéro déchet

3 zero waste alternatives for wrapping your gifts


Every year after the holidays, 20,000 tons of gift wrap are thrown away. If some types of paper can be recycled like kraft paper, it is not the case for the vast majority of metallic, glittery or plastic gift wrapping, which is more often found in supermarkets. To avoid this ecological and economical disaster, Pierre Lannier offers you easy, economical, aesthetic and above all, environmentally friendly alternative wrapping.

Wrap your gift with a Furoshiki

This method straight from Japan is spreading more and more in the western world. Furoshiki is a square shaped fabric but also a traditional wrapping and knotting technique that will allow you to drape any object and carry it everywhere. Your Pierre Lannier box being rectangular, it will be very easy to fold the corners facing each other and make a nice knot with the other ends. Arrange the whole to smooth the folds, and you're good to go! It is possible to make your own Furoshiki from old sheets, scarves or clothes, the trick is to get a fabric opaque enough to hide your gift and not too stiff to wrap it easily. Then embellish your fabric wrapping with a few plant decorations (cotton flowers, holly branches, fir branches, etc.) and your gift is ready!

Put your gift in a nice box

We all have old boxes of cookies, sugar or candy at home that we decided to keep because we liked them. Unfortunately, these little boxes can accumulate quickly and when we don't know what to do with them, the alternative is to give them a second life! A nice iron or wooden box will be perfect to slip your gift inside and will be even more pleasing as it can be reused in the future. Tied with a ribbon or a jute rope, decorated with natural ornaments, your wrapping will be amazing!

Recycle your newspaper

Every home is full of newspapers of all kinds. They are mostly used to protect the furniture when the little ones are expressing their creativity, or when the older ones are tinkering. Wrapping your gift with newspaper is a great way to recycle your old numbers that have been kept too long. This alternative is also effective and trendy with old road maps that you no longer use, or even, for DIY enthusiasts, wallpaper kept just in case.

Decorate your wrapping

As you can see, the wrapping is the first thing you notice when you put the gifts under the tree. It is then important to take care of its presentation to arouse the curiosity of your relatives. To do this, opt for a 100% natural decoration! No need to go to specialized stores to find these ornaments, both ecological and trendy! A simple walk in the forest will allow you to stock up on fir branches, holly, rosemary, pine cones and much more depending on the type of flora near you. You can even find something in your kitchen to decorate your gifts like citrus fruits to dry in the oven, cinnamon sticks, nuts and many more! And don't forget, it's also possible to reuse gift wrap when it's not too damaged!