Where and how to change the battery in your watch?

Where and how to change the battery of your watch?

Technical guide

Quartz watches require a battery to operate. It usually takes between a year and a half and three years before the battery runs out and the mechanism of your watch stops working. If this is your case, you will surely ask yourself several questions: which battery should I choose? Where to change the battery in my watch? How to change the battery in your watch? Find out how to change the battery of your watch and avoid damaging the mechanism of your favorite jewel.

Which battery to choose?

First of all, you should know that there are different types of watch batteries, also called button batteries. You may have already noticed that a button cell has different information on it. The numbers and letters on a battery are called the battery number. The letter L indicates an alkaline battery. It delivers a voltage of 1.5 V. The letter S indicates a silver oxide battery, which delivers a voltage of 1.55 V. The letter C designates a lithium battery which delivers a voltage of 3 V. Thanks to these letters, you can know the chemical composition and the type of button cell that your watch requires. Batteries are also differentiated by their size and thickness, which can vary between 5 and 20 mm in size and between 1 and 6 mm in thickness.

When and why change my battery?

Depending on the use, the type of watch or the type of battery, the life of a battery may be longer or shorter than another. A watch with several options can wear out the battery much faster. This is the case with chronograph watches, for example, which not only tell the time, but can also display the date or the day of the week. How can you tell when it's time to change the battery in your watch? The first clues: no matter how many times you set your watch, you always notice a delay of a few minutes or even a few hours. In the same line, it is possible that the second hand starts jumping several seconds or from 5 to 5 for example, instead of every second. Finally, the most obvious clue: when your watch doesn't seem to be working anymore, when you can't hear the mechanism working and the hands have stopped. In general, it is advisable to change the battery in your watch on a regular basis: every 18 months. Not changing the battery in your watch can have irreversible effects on your watch. The battery can actually leak and damage the watch, especially the mechanism.

How do I change the battery in my watch?

As you can see, changing the battery of your watch is more complicated than it seems. Finding a battery that is adapted to your watch in terms of its chemical composition, its size and above all that does not damage the watch and its mechanism is risky when you do not have all the knowledge and know-how of a watchmaker. If an alkaline battery and a silver oxide battery have a similar voltage and can be used in similar situations, a lithium battery could seriously damage the watch. Another major aspect not to be overlooked: the water resistance of your watch.It is therefore strongly recommended that you visit your watchmaker to replace your battery. Your watchmaker will change the battery of your watch with care and with the appropriate tools. No risk of damaging the case or even the movement and creating a short circuit thanks to the know-how of our watchmaking partners. Open a watch without leaving a mark requires the appropriate tools depending on the watch back. Since the battery replacement at a watchmaker's is done in a clean and dust-free environment, you avoid malfunctioning of the mechanism sometimes caused by particles that can infiltrate the device of your watch. When installing the new battery, the watchmaker also checks the condition of some components of the watch so that they can be replaced and avoid any damage. Calling on a watchmaker and his know-how guarantees a good maintenance of the watch.

Where can I change the battery in my watch?

You wonder where to go to change the battery of your watch? With more than 1800 partners, you can easily change the battery of your watch wherever you are. Visit our independent authorized jewelers, your local jewelry store, or an authorized dealer and leave your watch in the hands of a master watchmaker. To find our partners, you can locate a store near you on our website, thanks to our store locator. Whether you live in Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg or Lyon, find your Pierre Lannier watchmaker near you! Our store locator also groups watchmakers by region: île de France, Bretagne, Pays de La loire, Rhone Alpes or even Grand est. Find your Pierre Lannier retailer. Finally, if you bought your watch on our website, go directly to our after-sales service and contact the customer service: service-clients@pierre-lannier.fr.