What is a chronograph watch and how to choose the right one?

What is a chronograph watch and how to choose the right one?

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As a definition, a chronograph watch designates a watch with complications, i.e. a watch that has other functions than the time display. Actually, the chronograph watch allows to measure short periods of time from a given moment. It has therefore usually three counters, one to indicate time, and two others to measure time in minutes and seconds. Our Pierre Lannier models also offer the possibility to set the date.



Beginnings of the chronograph watch

This time measuring system was designed in the 19th century, more precisely around 1815. Originally known as the "Counter of Thirds", the chronograph watch is a classic model of French watchmaking that still inspires people nowadays. The term chronograph, meaning "that writes time", was given to this type of watch in 1821 by Nicolas-Mathieu Rieussec, a Parisian watchmaker and inventor of the ink chronograph. As a matter of fact, the triggering of the chronograph on the first models left a circular ink stain on paper. The time was measured according to the length of the mark left. The watchmaker used this precision instrument to time horse races in Paris. However, it is to Louis Moinet —another Parisian watchmaker, that we owe the invention of the chronograph watch.

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How does a chronograph watch work?

Our Pierre Lannier chronograph watches have an upper button, a crown and a lower button. The chronograph is able to measure and display time in units of one second, from one second to 29 minutes and 59 seconds. All our models of this type work the same way:

  • To trigger your chronograph, press the upper button. Press the same button again to stop it, or press the lower button to reset it.
  • To set the time, pull the crown out to the second position and turn clockwise, then push the crown back in to its normal position when the desired time is reached.
  • To set the date, pull the crown out to the first position and turn it clockwise, then push the crown back in to its normal position once the desired date has been set.


Reasons why you should choose a chronograph watch

To begin with, a chronograph watch can be automatic, manual or quartz, which gives you a wide range of choices. Choosing a chronograph model will be useful for all the little things of your daily life, like making sure your vegetables are cooked, brewing your tea, or measuring the duration of a phone call. In addition to being more practical than a cell phone for measuring time, it will be a real asset for those who appreciate the higher design qualities that this feature brings. After all, a chronograph watch is usually a strong piece with a distinctive style and charm. Formerly worn by pilots or doctors, it will bring you a vintage touch that will surely delight any look.


Which Pierre Lannier chronograph should you fall for?

As we are proud of the French heritage of the chronograph watch’s original creation, Pierre Lannier is following in the footsteps of Louis Moinet and is currently launching the Baron collection. This collection for men, which is declined in six original quartz models, will accompany you whatever your style, from chic sportswear to pure refinement.

All chronograph watches from Baron Collection All chronograph watches from the Baron collection have a 43mm round stainless steel case and a 20mm wide interchangeable strap. Our models are also water resistant to a depth of 50 meters. This year, we selected for you our favourite: the Baron 221F164 Men's watch. Both strong in character and casual, we are convinced that it will be the one to dress up all your outfits. Its brown leather strap offers an exceptional contrast with its royal blue dial, equipped with pink-gold hands and indexes. The integrated bars will allow you to enjoy a wide range of possibilities due to its easily interchangeable strap

From September 2022, you will also get the opportunity to discover our new models of chronograph watches, the Criterium 223G164 Men's watch and the Cronos 226G161 Men's watch, carefully thought out and designed by our creators. If you are looking for a powerful, impressive and sporty chronograph watch, these two models are definitely made for you.

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