quelle montre choisir

Which watch to choose?

Technical guide


We often wonder how to choose a watch. The choice of a watch can be a real headache especially in terms of size. We offer you some advice so that you can find a watch that fits your wrist. Know that watches will adapt to the type of wrist and the desired effect. There is no ideal size, it will depend on your taste and style you are looking for. Our brand offers different sizes of watches to suit your desires. On average, a man's wrist measures between 15 and 19 cm and a woman's between 14 and 18 cm.

Men's watch

Each watch is made to measure, depending on your desires and your style, choose the watch that suits you best. Two types of bracelets are available: Milanese steel and leather. We recommend the Milanese bracelet if you want to dress up your wrist. For those who prefer bracelets that are soft and supple, leather is for you. Concerning the measures of the bracelets, the leather measures 7,5 cm and the steel Milanese 8 cm. You must also take into account elements that will vary the length of your watch such as the dimensions of the case that is added and the dimensions of the clasps that must be removed (2cm for leather and 1cm for Milanese steel). The Style, Lecaré and Cityline collections are perfect for thin wrists. These timeless and modern models will bring trend and elegance to your wrist.


If you are looking for original, modern and chic models, the Nature, Allure, Beaucour, Echo and Contrast collections will bring out the best in medium wrists.


For larger wrists, opt for the Evidence, Automatic and Absolute collections. If you are elegant, modern and have an urban look, these watches will suit your wrist perfectly.

Choosing the size of your watch is no longer a secret for you. The main thing is that you find the watch that is made for you and that reflects your style and character. The models of the Capital, Impulsion and Style collections will put your personality forward by differentiating you with looks that will reflect you. With the watches of Pierre Lannier's collection, you can't go wrong, all watches are made with elegance, design and chic, so don't wait any longer, choose the watch that will make you stand out.

Women's watch

The dimensions of your watch will be different depending on what you are looking for. We offer two types of bracelets: Milanese steel and leather. If you prefer to dress up your wrist, the Milanese steel is for you. For those who are attracted to bracelets that are soft and supple, choose leather. Count on 7.35 cm in length for leather straps and 7.85 cm for Milanese steel straps (not counting the dimensions of the case which will vary the length of the watch). You should also take into account the dimensions of the clasps: 2 cm for the leather and 1 cm for the Milanese steel. If you have a small wrist, we suggest you look at watches from the Multiples, Nova and Cristal collections. These watches with their small cases are adapted to thin wrists and match your morphology for a delicate and slender effect.

For medium wrists

For medium wrists, the Couture, Eolia, Symphony, and Automatic collections are made for you. These timeless models, worked and delicate will know how to put forward your wrist.


For larger wrists, the Symphony Multifonctions, Lecaré, Nature and Catalane collections will enhance your wrist. Through these models, trend, originality and sobriety are are here.

You now have all the cards in hand to find the watch that is made for you. The important thing is to find a watch that suits you and reflects your personality, the choice is yours. The models in the Harmonie, Eolia Automatic and Caprice collections will allow you to create your own style and stand out from the rest. What our watches have in common is elegance, so don't hesitate to find the watch that's right for you. If with this guide and our advice you still have trouble making your choice, feel free to go try our watches in store or call our customer service for some advice.