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Vintage Watch For Men

All our watches for men with a vintage look, to accessorize your outfit down to the smallest details: find the piece that will embellish your daily life with a little retro touch! Our collections of men's watches such as Lecaré or Echo, Allure or Automatic, will bring the vintage touch to your wrist, in the most elegant way!

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When to wear a Vintage Men's watch?

Our Vintage Men's Watches are made to accompany you every day. Our designers think of Pierre Lannier watches as an asset that can be with you at every moment of the day, and that's why our Vintage Men's watches are sober, classic and elegant. The vintage touch of these watches is in the details: the shape of the case, the color of the dial or the bracelet. Thanks to this, you will be able to wear your Pierre Lannier watch at every moment of your life. Among our range of vintage men's watches, some have a silver case, others have a black or gun metal case, or discover our vintage men's watches with a square case!

Why choose a Vintage Men's watch? 

Whether it's to complement a classic outfit with a discreet but elegant touch of a retro accessory, or to complete a total vintage look, our vintage men's watches are the right accessory for you. Their special design will suit all those who love retro fashion and who pay attention to the details of their look. The vintage watch brings an important finishing touch to your look: it will enhance, in an elegant way, your outfit, whether it is sober or retro. Moreover, it will give a lot of allure to your wrist and will bring a neat and serious side. 

How much does a Retro Men's watch cost? 

Depending on the collection, our retro men's watches range from 99€ to 249€. The Cityline collection, for example, starts at 99€: the watches are quartz and will allow you to offer yourself a vintage men's watch at a low price. Discover all our cheap men's watches and choose the one that will dress up your everyday life! Our watches from the Chrono collection feature a complex mechanism. Chronographs with a quartz movement, they are priced at 249€. Find your retro men's watch among our Pierre Lannier watches!