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Automatic watches VS quartz watches

Technical guide


In watchmaking, automatic watches and quartz watches are often opposed. Each one has its followers, its qualities and its defects. We offer you a small overview of the advantages of each movement to help you make your choice and present you our automatic watches for men and women, as well as our large collection of quartz watches. Watch the match between the two mechanisms, and make your choice between a quartz watch or an automatic watch!

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In a quartz watch, the heart of the watch is the integrated circuit. The division of time is operated by a quartz oscillator vibrating under the effect of electrical energy supplied by a battery. We advise you not to leave your watch with a discharged battery, as this could damage the movement of your watch.

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Mechanical watches with automatic winding, which use only wheels and springs to tell the time, are powered by the energy produced by the movements of your wrist. So, make sure your watch strap fits your wrist well, as a loss of autonomy is possible if it does not. Instead of the battery and the electrical circuit that make the hands turn at the right rhythm, it is a weight that turns as soon as the watch moves that provides energy to the mechanism and makes it turn. Ideally, your automatic watch should be worn daily to ensure the proper functioning of the movement. Wearing your watch regularly will prevent the oil in the movement from congealing. However, if your watch should stop after its autonomy period has expired, you must wind the crown manually: up and down about twenty times. This will restore the movement to its original function. Once the time is set, your watch is ready to be worn.

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How to choose between automatic and quartz watches

Your automatic watch will need to be worn very regularly, or it will need to be wound and reset each time you wear it. However, there is no need to take it to your watchmaker to change the battery. This is an economic and ecological gain. Another advantage of this movement: the visual advantage! The visible heart of Pierre Lannier automatic watches is simply fascinating and of the most beautiful effect when you wear it. Finally, the automatic watch is said to be slightly less accurate than the quartz watch and more sensitive to shock: it will therefore take great care of it. To be offered to a careful amateur then! A quartz watch is more affordable than an automatic watch because of its simpler mechanism. Moreover, its numerous "options" can make it a real tool: with its chrono dials, it will allow you to calculate the time in an extremely precise way. Last advantage: the visual advantage. The quartz watch will be thinner than the automatic watch, because its movement is thinner. This will allow you to find very thin, elegant and minimalist models.

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Whether you choose an automatic or a quartz watch, here are some watchmaker's tips. We advise you to regularly wind your automatic watch manually in order to boost it even if you wear it every day. This manipulation will guarantee a better precision and a longer life of your watch. As for your quartz watch, if you don't wear it for a long time, you can stop the mechanism so as not to wear out the battery. You just have to reset it when you wear it again! You now have all the keys to choose between an automatic or a quartz watch. The differences between the two movements are quite varied and clear-cut: the choice is yours! And if you can't decide, you can always buy both!