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Straps change

5 April 2019 —

Would you like to change your watch strap ?

Does your watch benefit from the Quick Release system?

You can now change the style of your watch, according to your outfits and desires!

The change is done very quickly thanks to our interchangeable straps, a few seconds are enough to transform your watch.


The integrated bar system allows you to transform your watch in a few clicks. Change straps without tools, your fingers are enough and will avoid scratching your watch. All you have to do is check the correct fit of the strap before wearing your watch.

change your watch strap

The principle is simple: you decide to do WHAT YOU WANT! You match the dials you own to the straps of your choice. We offer you many straps that can be adapted to the Eolia, La Petite Cristal, Symphony, LeCaré and many others collections.

You no longer have to choose, you can get and create the watches you want!

Let yourself be seduced by the simplicity and efficiency of our interchangeable straps!

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