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Pierre Lannier watches waterproof guarantee

21 December 2016 —

Thanks to Pierre Lannier’s expertise backed by several decades of experience in watch-making, waterproof men’s and women’s watches from the French brand are made with the utmost care. Their component parts are assembled in our workshops in order to ensure that the watches are completely waterproof. They are then subjected to numerous checks and tested individually by our specialists.


In order to avoid any disappointment caused by a 3 ATM waterproof watch not resisting a shower or an hour in the pool, Pierre Lannier guarantees a level of waterproofing above the minimum required by the ISO-2281 standard.


There’s no need to worry about the waterproofing of your watch thanks to the Pierre Lannier swimming guarantee!


Here is a very simple table that summarises the different conditions of use for your waterproof Pierre Lannier watch according to its category (waterproof to a depth of 30m, waterproof to a depth of 50m or waterproof to a depth of 100m):

Water-resistance standards for Pierre Lannier watches


Pierre Lannier is committed to guaranteeing your waterproof watch for swimming in the sea or at the pool if the phrase “waterproof to a depth of 30m” appears on the back of its casing.


For example, you can wear your Pierre Lannier 3 ATM waterproof women watch without risk when washing your hands, showering or taking a bath. You can also wear it while swimming in the pool or in the sea, including diving in, without risk of damageWith a 10 ATM Pierre Lannier waterproof watch, you can go scuba diving without fear of damaging your watch. 


Don’t forget about the material of the strap on your waterproof watch


Not all materials have the same resistance to water and do not support immersion.


If you are swimming enthusiast, go for a watch fitted with a ceramic strap, one made from stainless steel or silicon rather than a leather strap. A stainless steel strap, ceramic strap or silicon strap would be more suitable in this case. Discover our wide range of waterproof watches and fall in love with a style you can wear everywhere!


 For more information about waterproof watches, read our article Waterproof watches: everything you need to know about waterproof watches.


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