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Cleaning your watch case

8 July 2019 —

No one wants to wear a careless watch on their wrist. Cleaning your watch case is important. Either it is a simple maintenance or a stained one, this maintenance allows you to preserve your timepiece.


If you can, you can detach your watch strap beforehand so you don't damage it during cleaning.


-  Concerning watches with a water resistance of less than 5ATM:

A soft, slightly damp cloth will be perfect to clean your watch case. You can use a soft-bristled brush to access the corners of your watch. Then you can dry your watch case with a dry soft cloth.

- Concerning watches with a water resistance of 5ATM or more:

First, you can clean your case by wetting your soft cloth with warm soapy water. Then rub your case gently to avoid altering its shine. You can complete its cleaning by rinsing your case with fresh water and wiping it with a dry soft cloth. 
For more stubborn stains, use a soft bristle brush and be careful with the various possible stains. Finally, use a dry cloth to finalize your work and dry your case.

There you go! There you go! Your watch shine like a new one and is once again ready to accompany you in your daily life and in your best moments.