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The Black friday of your French watchmaker

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The Black Friday Pierre Lannier 2021 on a selection of our men's and women's watches.

The black friday falls this year on 26 November 2021. An opportunity to enjoy the pleasure at a low price, just before the festive season. Black Friday comes straight from the United States, and has been adopted by many French brands, including your watchmaker Pierre Lannier. Finding your watch during Black Friday will allow you to have it at a low price, and why not take advantage of it to offer one to your friends and family as well! Discover the selection of men's and women's black friday watches by Pierre Lannier!

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Black Friday for men's quartz watches

Pierre Lannier offers men's watches with quartz movements at low prices all year long. The Black friday is the ideal day to indulge yourself, without feeling guilty, thanks to reduced prices and bargains. Pierre Lannier offers you a wide choice of men's quartz watches. With its models with steel mesh bracelet, or leather strap, you will have the choice of colours: brown, blue, silver, black, and many others! You will find cheap chronograph models, at a small price at this ocassion. The Chrono or spirit collection will delight men who love high-performance and precise watches. For simpler models, take a look at the Style or Cityline collection. Every wrist will find its style: watches with high-performance and precise chronos, simple and minimalist watches with refined dials, or vintage watches, watches with Roman numerals for an authentic touch. And if you don't find what you're looking for among our Black friday selection, have a look at our men's novelties. Very soon you'll find the black friday prices for our quartz men's watches! Stay tuned !

Men's Watches

The Black friday for women's quartz watches

A woman's watch is a serious business! Every outfit should be able to have a matching watch! Take advantage of the black friday 2021 to buy one ... or more ! You will have the choice of women's watches, thanks to our feminine and timeless collections. Make your choice with for example the Symphony collection and its timeless classic models. The collection is available in several women's models. Some have chronographs, others have a simple dial, but always with an eye for detail and timelessness. It's a watch that you can keep for many years without it getting wrinkled. The Eolia collection is sure to find a buyer! With its delicate lace in the dial, this women's quartz watch collection contains real jewels as a timepiece. You will find all the colours to delight you: blue watches, gold watches, watches with rhinestones, white watches, or watches in pink tones. Play with materials and colours. Discover all our women's quartz watches at low prices during black friday and make your selection while waiting for the D-day!

Women's Watches

Black friday for men's and women's watch cases

The low black friday prices will also apply to the men's and women's watch cases. Your Pierre Lannier watchmaker will offer you reduced prices thanks to black friday on a beautiful selection of men's and women's watch cases. Among them, there are boxes with interchangeable straps, which allow you to have 2 watches in 1: thanks to our system of interchangeable straps, you can easily switch from a leather strap to a Milanese steel strap and vice versa! Play with materials and colours, according to your style and the occasion! Some Pierre Lannier cases also have jewellery: in the Eolia collection, you can discover our watches accompanied by an elegant bracelet or necklace, in the same colour (silver or gold) as the case. The men's cases also have bracelets: imitation leather, imitation marine cordage or with imitation wood beads. Our boxes are perfect gifts for your loved ones: the 2 in 1 gift idea. Stay tuned for a preview of our selection of watch boxes at low prices!

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