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Back to Fashion Week 2020


Once again this year in Paris, Fashion Week brought together the biggest names in haute couture.

Our ambassadresses were there with our Pierre Lannier watches. Each of them have a different look and have their own way of associating their outfit with our watches. 


First day with Nicole @nicolebernardes

For this first look Nicole was chic and relaxed to go to the fashion show and stroll through the sunny streets of Paris. A look that goes perfectly with the camel leather watch 008F929 from the Lecaré collection.


Montre femme 008F929 porté par nicolebernardes


Second day with Camille @camilleetlesgarcons

Camille offer us a elegant and simple look in pastel tones with our ladies' watch 002G958 Milanese pink gold from the Symphony collection. Beautiful photo with a view of the Eiffel Tower.



montre femme 002G958 portée par camilleetlesgarcons



Third day with Ophelie @opheliepoppie

The watch from opheliepoppie fits perfectly with her look. The beige colour of her sweater brings out the 014J548 watch from the new Nova collection by Pierre Lannier. The perfect outfit for drinking a coffee on a terrace after a fashion show.


Montre Femme 014J548 portée par opheliepoppie


Fourth day with Lucie @lucie.rose.mahe

Lucie offers us a fresh, springtime look with her crocodile-print leather jacket. It goes perfectly with the 014J928 Milanese steel watch in pink gold from the new Nova collection.


Montre femme 014J928 portée par lucie.rose.mahe


Fifth day with Anne

Perfect harmony between Anne's outfit and her beautiful women's watch 008F929 camel leather from the Lecaré collection in the streets of Paris.


Montre femme 008G929 portée par


Sixth day with Melaine @grainedemagie

Spring has already arrived with grainedemagie wearing a pretty white woollen dress with a brown leather jacket. On her wrist we find the women's watch 0141j938 with black dial from the new Nova collection.


Montre femme 014J938 portée par grainedemagie


Seventh day with Laura @pinketcetera 

Casual look with Laura, who takes us to the rooftops of Paris. On her wrist, she wears the delicate Milanese women's watch 014J928 from the Nova collection.

Montre femme 014J928 portée par pinketcetera

Eghth day with Anne @travelfashiondiary

Anne offers a trendy look accessorised by the women's watch 312B625 in pink leather from the Automatic collection with an oversized jacket that brings out the details on the automatic dial. 


Montre femme 312B625 portée par travelfashiondiary 

Ninth day with Diane @petiteinparis

Diane gave us a radiant look with her beige and white outfit. She lit up her wrist with Pierre Lanier's Nova 014J928 watch.

montre femme 014J928 portée par petiteinparis



Our Pierre Lannier watches are compatible with all types of looks. The watch has become a real fashion accessory that accompanies us in all our moments.

Don't hesitate and treat yourself to a must-have fashion accessory at an affordable price ! 

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