How to take care of your 1977 watch ?

How to take care of your 1977 watch ?


Your 1977 watch is designed to accompany you through time and to withstand the passing of years. It will be by your sides for many years, bringing you splendor, harmony and above all precision and performance. The care and maintenance of your watch will depend on how much you use it. We strongly advise you to subscribe to the free extended warranty. Make sure to perform a waterproof test regularly, since time or small shocks can alter it. Our customer service is at your disposal to answer all your questions about your 1977 watch.



The 1977 automatic watch born of French savoir-faire

1977 is a unique and exceptional project that promotes French savoir-faire. Pequignet Horlogerie, Berthet Horlogerie, La Pratique, HAAS, SIBRA, and CADRATEC, our partners carefully selected for their rigor and mastery, are craftsmen with extensive experience in watchmaking. The automatic movement of the 1977 watch has been specifically adapted by Pequignet Horlogerie. Countless are the details that make this watch an exceptional model. From the specific texture and the Pierre Lannier logo openworked on the movement, to the finishing of the case, the integration of the Pierre Lannier monogram on the hands or the meticulously chosen leather, no detail has been left to chance. The care to bring it must not be either.

How to care for your 1977?

Your automatic watch will grow and evolve with you. Before anything else, please keep carefully your warranty card and its case, in which you can store your watch. For any outgoing trip, it will be the ideal place to keep it if you are not wearing it at that moment. Wearing it very regularly will allow the movement to function. This will allow the cogs to move, the spring to cock and disarm, and the oils not to freeze. The Péquignet movement of your 1977 will thus be in motion and this is how it will live. The beauty of your 1977 lies in its motion. You will preserve the movement, an exceptional piece created by an authentic luxury manufacture labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. Wearing it regularly will also allow you to observe it and to spot a possible shock or micro-scratch and anticipate any risk. Among the care to give it, it is important to clean it regularly, especially if you wear it often. Indeed, impurities will come to lodge in the corners. Your 1977 watch is waterproof, but it is recommended to clean it dry. To do this, use a soft microfiber cloth to remove any dust or grease that may have settled on the sapphire crystal or on the case. You can also take some time to observe it and see if it has not suffered any scratches or shocks. With the cloth you can also clean the buckle of the leather strap. This last one will have to be nourished regularly with a special lotion for leather, colorless. When you reach it, make sure your hands are clean and do not put too much on the bracelet. You can spread it gently and thinly with your fingers to avoid getting any on the case or the glass. If you have dipped it in the sea (which we do not recommend), be sure to rinse it thoroughly with clean water and dry it afterwards, checking beforehand that the crown is in place. Make sure that the crown is always well inserted, for any care. But be aware that leather is a living and delicate material and that high temperatures, sun, water or too much humidity are not suitable for this material. With a small and soft brush, you can clean the tiny places inaccessible to the cloth: the crown (be careful as it is a fragile component), or the lug.


When should you not wear your 1977 watch?

The beach, for example, is a place where special care must be taken to avoid damaging your 1977 watch. Grains of sand can slip through or create micro-scratches on the glass, water can damage your watch and especially its leather strap and heat can affect the automatic mechanism of your 1977. It is also strongly advised to remove your watch during sports or DIY activities, and even in the shower. Even though your 1977 is waterproof enough to go under water, it is preferable not to shower with it to ensure that it does not come into contact with any product. Also, be careful not to use perfume, as leather does not like it, and to wait until any products applied on your skin have penetrated well and left your skin clean and dry. Basically, avoid any contact with chemicals, detergents, etc. that could damage not only the leather, but also the seals. We also recommend you not to wear jewelry next to your 1977: it could scratch elements.


By your side

Overall, regular care of your 1977 watch will help prevent minor alterations due to daily life, and keep it as long as possible. This watch will accompany you throughout your life, and will be at your side for the most beautiful moments. We are also here to assist you with any questions you may have, and our watchmaker will be able to answer them with precision and reliability.