How to choose the right ring size?



We are often reluctant to buy a ring on the internet, because we can't try it on. We give you tips to measure your finger/ring size, to be able to choose your ring without hesitation. Pierre Lannier offers you a new range of jewelry. The different jewelry collections are associated with the watch collections. We offer you a varied range of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. We have imagined our collections close to our watchmaking universe by taking inspiration from the style and design of each one. These models are the result of a collaboration between our designers and passionate jewelry creators.

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Différentes astuces

Measure your finger with a paper strip:

To measure your finger circumference, you can use a strip of paper (about 5 cm long and 1 cm wide).

 Wrap the other one around your finger

Mark the meeting point between the first end and the body of the strip

Unroll the tape, lay it on a flat surface and measure in millimeters the distance between the end of the tape and the marking.

Refer to your measurement in the table below to know your size Tip: to get the measurement directly, you can use a tape measure instead of the paper strip.

You can print the PDF file to get a measuring tool similar to the tape measure.

Place your ring on the circles of the PDF to be able to define the size of your ring Tip: to avoid measurement errors, remember to check the calibration of your printer as well as the printing options (unit, scale...)

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