Four Christmas DIYs to prepare your home


Christmas is a unique time to be creative in decorating your home. During the holidays, everything is an excuse to spend good times together: decorating the tree with the little ones (or the adults), preparing cookies for the snack and making your own Advent calendar, which everyone waits for every day as an appointment not to be missed. In this article, you will discover four simple and zero waste DIY that will brighten up your home during the holidays!

Create a hanging calendar.

This calendar is totally in line with a recovery and zero waste approach insofar as it can be made with a multitude of materials, most of which can be collected during a walk in the forest. Moreover, these natural materials, in addition to being very fashionable at the moment, will diffuse a sweet scent in your house, especially if you choose branches of fir, rosemary or laurel.

Customize a wooden calendar

Another alternative, especially for those who want to buy a calendar quickly, is the wooden Advent calendar. Ready to be decorated with ornaments and dressed in festive colors, this type of calendar will allow you to express all your creativity. Even the smallest children can easily personalize it as they wish! They come in all shapes and forms: tree, cottage, Santa Claus... there's something for everyone! An ecological and aesthetic alternative that does not require much material and that will delight children and adults!

Make a Christmas wreath

Making a Christmas wreath doesn't require a lot of materials: fir branches, pine cones, a few branches of holly, a glue gun and that's it! As far as recycling is concerned, thick cardboard that will serve as the base of our wreath is enough! All you have to do is glue and twist the fir branches together, then slip in a few twigs before gluing on the pine cones, which you can paint to make them contrast with the rest. To hang inside or outside, the Christmas wreath will find its place in your home!

Decorate your home with Christmas candles

For a cocooning and festive atmosphere, there is nothing better than lighting some candles to bring warmth and softness to your home. Get a jar that you no longer use. Put a bit of glue on it and decorate the rim with branches of holly, fir or rosemary, depending on the scent you prefer, and secure it with a jute rope, ribbon or lace. An idea that can be renewed as the seasons change!

Take care of your gift wrapping

You don't need to renew your paper stock every year to keep your gift wrapping looking its best. Wrap your gift in a simple kraft paper and surround it with a fabric ribbon or jute rope, under which you will delicately place branches, dried oranges tied with a cord with cinnamon sticks and why not, a personalized message as decorations! The possibilities are endless, depending on what you want. To learn more about zero-waste and recyclable packaging, read the article dedicated to this topic here.