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How to set a watch?


Every year it's the same! When the time change comes, we often wonder "how to set my watch?" It would be a shame that your Pierre Lannier watch is not at the right time, no ? These few tips will help you set your automatic or your quartz watch in the best possible way for an optimal use. Your watch is a fragile and precious object because of its meticulousness and its components. It is therefore advisable to make the various adjustments of your favorite accessory and to be careful when handling it in order not to risk damaging it. This manipulation is simple, but you must still adopt the right gestures. The time setting or date setting phase is generally done in the same way, but it is important to note some subtleties.

Setting the time on your watch

To set the time on your watch, simply pull the crown (small latch on the right side) of your watch out to the last notch. After this action, you just have to turn the crown which will activate the hands of your watch. It is strongly recommended to turn the hands clockwise to avoid damaging the movement of your watch. A little reminder for those who like our automatic watches. They all work without batteries, but with a balance that will wind your watch thanks to the movements of your wrist. So, when you don't wear your automatic watch for a while, it stops working. The adjustment of an automatic watch, unlike any other watch, must be done more frequently. To learn more about automatic watches, visit our watch blog.

Change the date on your watch

Please note that to avoid damaging your watch, you must first set the time before setting the date. To change the date on your watch, simply pull the crown out to the second position (the third position is reserved for changing the time) and turn the wheel until you get the date you want. There is a trick to setting the date on your watch. Know that your watch does not know if it is morning or afternoon. Thus, there is a manipulation to do. The objective is that the date of your watch does not change in the middle of the day. To do this, make a turn with the hands of your watch, if you pass over 12 o'clock and the date changes, it is the morning time, if nothing changes, it is the afternoon.

What about chronograph watches?

To set a chronograph watch, like our Absolute, Capital and Impulse watches, you just need to know how to use the pushers on the ends. Note that the functionality of a chronograph watch is different. To start the stopwatch, press the top button. To turn it off, press the button again. If you wish to reset the stopwatch hands, simply press the bottom button. You will receive a detailed instruction manual for your watch in each package when you order on And if you have any questions, our after-sales service is there to answer them.

changer l'heure de sa montre

Be careful not to set your watch at any time of the day

Note that there is a time of day when it is not recommended to change the time on your watch at all. Thus, avoid changing the time of your watch between 8pm and 4am. This period is known as the death zone. Changing the time of your watch during this time could disrupt the mechanism of your watch. For example, you can set your watch at coffee time instead.

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