How to choose a watch for your partner?

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When a holiday or special occasion approaches, giving a watch is often a very good idea. Functional and trendy, it is a gift that, if well chosen, will become a real companion in everyday life. Full of meaning, it must be chosen with care in order to find the perfect watch. This is often where everything gets complicated. Which watch to choose? What dial size ? How do you ensure that the watch will appeal to the person? These are all questions that are sometimes difficult to answer. So that you can finally give a watch as a gift without being worried about choosing it, we have put together some tips to help you with your purchase!


To make sure you choose the perfect watch as a gift you need to understand what a watch is. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you choose to wear a watch, it is because you pay particular attention to the details of your look. This proves that a watch is much more than a simple accessory. There is something about a watch that makes you love having it with you. It becomes even more important when a loved one gives it to us. This gift symbolises the deep attachment that this person has for you. A bond that will be recalled every time you look at your wrist. This explains why it is often difficult to choose a watch. You feel lost in front of all these watches. To help you better understand this moment, here are some tips that should help you choose the ideal watch for your partner!


There are two types of men when it comes to watches. Those who love them and have a small collection, and those for whom a well-chosen watch will fit them perfectly as long as the leather is still as shiny as on the first day. So when it comes to giving them a watch, it's best to know which side the lucky person is on. We tend to think that for men, it is less important to take into account the size of the wrist. Especially since many watches are by default large with a big dial. Well, you, who are reading this, should know that it is just as important to take this feature into account. A watch reveals a part of our personality. A watch that is too big on a slim wrist will make your man look like he is trying to give himself a different style. That is why you have to pay attention to all the details, starting with the dial. For a man whose wrist measures between 15 and 17 centimetres, we advise you to go for a watch with a dial between 38 and 42 mm. For 18 cm wrists, a dial with a diameter of 44-48 mm is perfect. Of course, you have to be able to take the measurements discreetly, but we trust you. For the choice of the strap, we advise you to choose leather, it is a noble material and allows you to match with all styles and to remain elegant in any occasion. If you want to add a touch of originality, you can choose a coloured bracelet. Navy blue or brown are two colours that accessorise a wrist perfectly.


Let's get back to the different styles of watches. If you want to give her a watch in a rather imposing and charismatic style, you can go for a watch from our ABSOLUE collection. Elegant and at the same time imposing, it will seduce with its details. For slimmer wrists, we recommend a watch with a thinner dial and a leather strap, such as our ÉVIDENCE watch with its three chronographs. Don't hesitate to play with the different elements of a watch to find THE watch that will enhance your wrist. If the person who is about to receive this fabulous gift is a connoisseur, choose a watch that highlights all the watchmaking know-how and the delicacy of the pieces. The watches in our Automatic collection with their skeleton dial will appeal to the most passionate. Their visible mechanism, combined with the leather strap, gives them a certain cachet.


Absolue Collection Evidence Collection


A watch is one of the accessories you can be sure to find in almost every woman's dressing-room. Over time, this trendy accessory has become a must-have. So much so that even women who don't necessarily wear jewellery love to wear a watch. For you, the gift giver, this certainly makes the task less easy. It is no longer a question of finding a watch, but the watch that will match your style and become a real daily companion. There are so many watches to choose from, and it's impossible not to find one that you like and want to give to your partner. Our wide range of women's watches at Pierre Lannier will help you find THE watch. To help you choose the model that will be the most suitable, here are a few tips. To start with, let's focus on the colour of the watch. In general, for a woman, choose timeless watches with a touch of modernity in colours that remain fairly sober. This allows you to stay with a classic watch that can go with any look. Gold, silver and rose gold are three shades that are sure to please: match them to the colour of the jewellery she is used to wearing. If you prefer a leather bracelet, stick to shades that are not too extravagant. Black and powder pink will work perfectly. To know which of these colours will work best, you can base your choice on the skin tone of the person you are giving it to. For dark or matte skin, coloured or luminous models are perfect. Gold and silver will give elegance to her wrist. For fair skinned people, silver or rose gold watches are suitable. The powdery pink of some leathers is also ideal for this type of skin tone. Let's move on to bracelets. For a woman who is not used to wearing a lot of jewellery and who likes simple and delicate things, you can choose a leather strap. This way, the watch will keep a discreet and subtle side while bringing the final touch to her outfit. You can, for example, opt for our NOVA collection. Feminine and ultra-thin, it accompanies an outfit in all discretion. On the other hand, if your loved one is more used to wearing jewellery on a daily basis, choose a Milanese steel bracelet. It will brighten up the wrist like the watches in our MULTIPLES collection.


Nova Collection Multiples Collection

Finally, a very important point, the size of the case. If it is too big, it will be in the way and if it is too small, the wrist will look bigger than it is. In both of these situations, this lovely gift may unfortunately be put aside. To avoid this tragic end, here is a little rule to help you. If your wrist is less than 15.5 centimetres, choose a thin bracelet with a dial of less than 40 millimetres. For a wrist measuring more than 18 centimetres, you should choose a dial between 42 and 45 millimetres. Do not choose a dial larger than 45 millimetres.


And if you want more tips on how to make sure the watch you're giving matches the style, check out our Father's Day gift ideas and Mother's Day gift ideas articles! And if you want more tips on how to make sure the watch you're giving matches the style, check out our Father's Day gift ideas and Mother's Day gift ideas articles!


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