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Let's wake up the magic of Christmas



The shaping of the Yule log with 4 hands (or more!)

The clothes of light, taken out for the occasion ...

It's time to bring out those little pleasures of Christmas, those that bring us together. These small pleasures that are good for the mood, because they are full of memories, authenticity and simplicity. 

We take you to rediscover of Christmas.



Floral arrangements, whether fresh or dried, always make a beautiful effect. No need to go to a fancy garden center: collect holly branches, fir branches and a few pine cones from the forest to beautify your home in a simple way. Arrange them with natural materials like jute or small pieces of wood.



Take the time to create a beautiful table...

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...and take care of yourself.

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Take a break...

Take the time to contemplate the amazed faces,

of the children and adults

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We give you some tips for these packages that are good for the planet ...

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...And gift ideas for all wallets.

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For small and large budgets.

For connoisseurs or beginners,

For all those who like to bring meaning to their style.

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And as you may know, we have been located in Alsace since our origins. So Alsatian traditions are rooted in each of our partners.

Here's a recipe that has been proven to be quite a hit !

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Christmas Bredele (Traditionnal Alsatian cookies)

In a bowl, mix 375g of flour with 250g of butter

then roll it out with a rolling pin.

Cut out the shapes with cookie cutters.

Place them on an oiled baking sheet and bake them for 8 minutes at 180°C (th 6).

Cool and decorate.




A soft palette that brings warmth and cheerfulness. Enhance your interior and your dressing room with soft colors, such as brown, blue or red.





Details are important...

Accompanied by your watch,

Take the time to appreciate yourself in front of the mirror.

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Finally, a last piece of advice: take the time to appreciate each moment.

Whether you're with a small or a large group, this is an emotional time, so stop for a moment to appreciate the moment and those who are with you. Remember that Every Second Counts.

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