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The question of the Christmas gift comes up every year: what gift to give to your father, your mother, your partner, your father-in-law, in short, the list can be long! The ideas come from everywhere, more or less crazy, more or less realistic, depending on your budget. If you are here, it means that you already have a little idea in mind: to offer a Pierre Lannier watch or jewelry. Let us help you find the gift that will put a smile on your face!

Where to start for Christmas gift ideas?

First of all, the budget is the first gateway to find the right Christmas gift, for women or men. It is important to be able to identify the amount you want to put in a gift, in order to orient the choice of this one. At Pierre Lannier, we offer you a large choice of gift ideas, from 39€, among our jewelry in particular. Between 39€ and 69€, our jewels are an ideal choice for small budgets. Made of stainless steel, they will be the daily companions, to finalize any outfit, thanks to their original, modern and very elegant designs. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings (how to find your ring size), silver, rose gold or gold, the choice is yours now. If the person you are offering this jewel to has a classic look, go for the Seduction or Nova collection. On the contrary, if she likes originality, we recommend the Ariane or Roxane collection.

A Christmas gift budget between 89€ and 150€?

The average Christmas gift budget is about 249€ (source: Forbes) per person. This figure is global, after all it depends on the number of people you want to give a gift to. Our men's and women's watches start at 89€, which is already a very nice gift, because a watch is a personal gift, carefully chosen, and above all, chosen with great care. Among the cheapest watch collections we have, you will find the Cityline collection, for men, a real Pierre Lannier bestseller, since its release. On the women's side, it is the Nova Women's Watches collection, which is also very successful. With these two collections, you will please for sure. If you want to offer a little more than a watch, go for our gift sets for men and women! These gift sets are designed to please twice, since they contain either an interchangeable watch strap or a piece of jewelry. Among these gift sets, we recommend the 378B438 or 378B466 gift sets for men at 119€ from the Cityline collection. For women, we recommend the 353G628 gift set at 119€ or 357D548 at 149€, which are from the Multiples collection, and which contain either an interchangeable watch strap or a piece of jewelry. Now it's up to you to choose, depending on the color worn by the person you are giving this gift to!

For a higher Christmas gift budget

For budgets over 150€, we have designed exceptional gift boxes for men and women. Genuine watch gift boxes that are sure to please. Our automatic watch collections also have their own gift box for men and women. On the women's side, our best-seller 354J628 at 249e which contains in addition to the automatic watch, a fine and delicate tryptic bracelet, or the 359D908 at 219€, with its interchangeable pink leather strap. These two gift sets are only a part of all the sets we create for Christmas. Discover all our women's gift sets here. For men, our best-selling automatic watch comes with an interchangeable strap: the 391C168 gift set at 219€, or with a black faux leather strap, the 375C133 at 269€. Again, these are just two recommendations, so we suggest you check out the entire Christmas gift set offer here. And if this one doesn't suit you, we invite you to have a look here for men here for men, or there for women . You're bound to find something you like. Finally, for the lovers of beautiful watches, it may not be easy to choose a watch for men or women if the person is demanding. So why not turn to our watch accessories,so that she can store and take care of her collection?

Nos idées cadeaux à +150€

A personal gift above all

As you can see, the 2021 Christmas gift is above all a very personal gift, which must correspond above all to the person's style. Before choosing the gift box, it is important to know your budget. Define your gift budget and then let us guide you. At Pierre Lannier we have at heart to propose watches, boxes and jewels at all budgets, in order to allow everyone to wear the French elegance on their wrist. And don't panic if the gift doesn't please the person to whom you offer it. You have 30 days to make an exchange or a refund. The two-year warranty also applies to the watches contained in the boxes so that you can fully enjoy your watch.

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