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Battery-free watches


The watch is an essential object of our daily life, adopted by a majority of people for its practicality as well as its aestheticism. Considered as an essential fashion accessory, the man or woman watch finishes an outfit with elegance and charisma. However, the watch sector and its current production mode may not be 100% compatible with an eco-responsible and sustainable vision. Perhaps in the future, the battery-less or mechanical watch could definitively replace the quartz, battery-powered watches and become the watch of tomorrow.

Quartz watches vs. automatic watches

First of all, an explanation is necessary. Unlike quartz watches where a battery is required to provide the electrical impulse necessary for its operation, watches without a battery or mechanical watches do not need a battery. There are two types of mechanical watches:

    • The mechanical watch with manual winding where it is necessary to turn the crown regularly to wind the watch.
    • The mechanical watch with automatic winding where the movements of your wrist produce the necessary energy to start the wheels and springs. Would you like to know more about the differences between mechanical and quartz watches? Check out the dedicated article without further delay.
Automatics VS Quartz

Watches that last over time

The lifespan of quartz and automatic watches is almost equal, except for a few details. While a quartz watch requires a battery change every three years or so, it is not uncommon for the wear and tear of the electrical components to shorten its life. An automatic watch needs regular maintenance: an overhaul of the mechanism every five years is essential to ensure the longevity of the model. If properly maintained, an automatic watch can last a lifetime without altering the mechanism. Mechanical watches can be kept for a long time and do not leave any electronic waste behind. They are more respectful of the environment and health. Finally, they do not suffer from the phenomenon of magnetization of the watch.

Magnetism in watchmaking

Lower pollution

While the quartz watch requires a battery change every three years, the automatic watch will only require a revision of the mechanism every five years or so. The latter has the advantage of not leaving any electrical waste behind, leaving a small ecological footprint. The recycling of batteries from the watch industry is imperative to limit its impact on the planet. Batteries and other electronic waste often contain hazardous substances such as mercury-containing components. When not collected, this waste is often piled up in landfills and presents a serious danger for the environment and the surrounding population. That is why it is imperative to recycle batteries properly in order to extract the reusable components and give them a second life.

Towards more ecological watches

While the environmental issue is at the heart of the debates, the watch industry is also facing these problems. To reduce its energy impact on the planet, Pierre Lannier already offers several options. The eco-responsible conscience of the brand is reflected first of all by offering a range of watches that lasts over time:

  • Whether quartz or automatic movement, Pierre Lannier watches are designed with durable materials, which guarantee their longevity.
  • The interchangeable strap system allows you to give your watch a new look without having to change the model. Thus, the pieces are preserved and the old bracelet can be recycled.
  • Pierre Lannier has developed over the years watches with a more ecological movement. As mentioned above, the automatic watches that do not require batteries but work with a simple movement of the wrist of their owner are the flagship products of the brand.
  • As an alternative to quartz watches, Pierre Lannier is also working on a collection of solar watches, more environmentally friendly and rechargeable by exposing them to sunlight. Thus, an exposure of a few hours will allow the solar models to be recharged and functional for months!

As you can see, whether you choose a quartz, automatic or solar watch, the important thing is to choose a model that suits you and that will last over time. And you, what type of watches do you prefer? Make your choice among the Pierre Lannier quartz and automatic ranges!

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