Match your watch to your outfit


We know how difficult it can be to choose an evening outfit that is not only perfect but also matches your favorite accessory. Trust us, we'll explain how Pierre Lannier brand watches bring sparkle and harmony to your outfits to celebrate the joy of being able to meet again in the evening. To help you match your watches to your outfits, we've put together this guide to matching your watch.

Our advice guide to be at the top!

To make it easier for you, we have decided to make a little guide for you to feel comfortable when choosing your watch. To begin with, you should know that thanks to our large choice of Pierre Lannier watches. From quartz watches to automatic watches, you will have great chances to find the one that will go with your outfit. Moreover, thanks to our system of interchangeable bracelets, you will be able to easily change the style of your watch to adapt it to every moment of the day, or to the color of your outfit. But to make sure you look wonderful, it's best to choose a watch that matches your style. This will allow your favorite accessory to enhance your outfit and not, on the contrary, mismatch the whole. Having established this, let's move on to the different styles that will go perfectly with your man or woman's watch.

Luminous and colorful watches

First of all, for your next outings with friends on the terrace, you will surely choose a rather light outfit with the arrival of summer and your desire to enjoy these new moments. But then what watch to choose to enhance your look? We recommend our women's watch from the MULTIPLES collection. Its choice of color and its faceted glass will illuminate your outfit in a flash. Thanks to its originality, it will make you stand out in all subtlety: the sun reflecting through the facets will bring all the warmth you need to celebrate the return of cocktails on the terrace.

Multiples Women's Watches

To shine in the evening with elegance

If your desires are more towards a glittering style, don't worry we have everything planned. A night out with friends can go very well with a more elaborate evening look in the outfit as well as in the makeup and hairstyle. For this, you need an accessory that can show your passion for fashion. For you, ladies, your unstoppable ally will undoubtedly be a watch from our COUTURE collection. Its crystals on its bezel will bring purity and delicacy. Thought out in every detail, it will add distinction to your look and symbolize the search for your own style and elegance in every outfit.



Soon, the more conventional parties will make a comeback. While waiting for these events to resume, we have selected the ideal watch to embellish your look. It's the NOVA watch. Its version with its crystal dial and purple leather strap will bring a touch of color, elegance and femininity. You will have understood it well, this watch will make even the most classic of your outfits sparkle, while remaining discreet so as not to erase your outfit. Do not hesitate to complete your style with one of our Pierre Lannier jewels.

Nova Jewelry

Minimalist details for a look that stands out

The watch collections designed in our workshop allow you to match your watch with your jewelry. Jewelry with the same design as some watches have been created but you can very well let your inspiration guide you and mix the different jewelry collections with your favorite watches. For the NOVA watch mentioned above, you should be careful not to choose a necklace or bracelet that is too elaborate, added to the crystals of the watch, they may overload your outfit. So prefer a minimalist necklace like the one from our SEDUCTION collection. It will highlight your neck with its simple pendant. Its color, as for it, will make a subtle recall to your wrist. If you prefer to add color to your outfit, you can also choose one of our necklaces from the SYMPHONY collection with a white, pink or blue pendant.


"Dare to be original! "

Let's move on to you, gentlemen. Most of the time, when you go to a party, you opt for a casual outfit, but it remains casual. Dare to be original! For this, we advise you to turn to our ECHO collection, specially designed for men. Its version with a blue dial and a brown leather strap will be the perfect match to brighten up your outfit.

Echo Men's Watches

A wrist on its 31

When it comes to choosing outfits for conventional events such as galas or awards ceremonies, we often distinguish between two types of suits. The three-piece, which is ideal for parties where we want to be on our 31. And the two-piece, which, despite its slightly casual side, remains the basic of your wardrobe and will always cause a stir at major events. It is when it comes to accessorizing them that everything becomes more complicated. Compared to women, there are fewer accessory options, but that doesn't mean you should neglect them. One of the infallible allies in this type of situation remains the watch. Indeed, a watch has the power to enhance your outfit and let your personality express itself. Here are some tips to make sure your watch and your outfit are one and the same. First of all, no matter what style of suit you are going to fall for, know that the first thing to consider is the color of the suit. If you choose to wear a charcoal suit, opt for a silver watch. If, on the other hand, you want to wear a gold watch, go for a navy blue suit. We could think that this is a simple detail, but it allows you to highlight your wrist without having the impression of having a totally mismatched outfit. For the bracelet, leather remains by far the best option, it allows to dress up the wrist. Stick to simple and elegant leathers like black or brown. You also need a watch that follows the style of your suit. If its style is casual, the case of the watch must be thin. So we advise you to start with watches from our CITYLINE collection. The thinness of their case allows to give delicacy to your look while keeping a serious and chic effect. If your choice is more towards a three-piece suit, you will have to go for a more sophisticated watch, whose details will enhance it like our AUTOMATIC collection and their skeleton dial. Our leather strap versions will bring an extra touch of elegance.

Automatic Cityline

Playing with materials

If matching your watch to your evening wear is not your thing, don't panic! There are other ways to stand out in all simplicity. To do this, simply play with materials, if you have a leather bracelet opt for a leather belt. It's all in the details. A trendy evening look is all about the accessories, especially since the watch for men or women has become an essential accessory.

The watch strap: the accessory to perfect all your looks!

To follow all the trends and be at the top for each event, you can also change the strap of your watch, so you are sure to be always in fashion. You can change from a black leather strap for a gala evening to a more colorful leather strap for a night out with friends, thanks to our men's and women's bracelets that you can change as often as you like and thus switch from one style to another easily and cheaply. Be sure to check that your watch is compatible beforehand.

Change the strap of your watch Watch straps

You now have all the cards in hand to create a look that will impress all your friends at your parties. If you want more inspiration for your next outfit, don't hesitate to check out our lookbook and the other articles available in our editorial. Summer is just around the corner so don't forget to enjoy this long awaited reunion with your loved ones! Don't hesitate to identify us on your looks, we can't wait to see how you will match our Pierre Lannier watches!