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2 August 2019 —

The maintenance of your watch is very important and contributes fully to the longevity of your watch. By upkeeping it regularly, it can stay as new and can continue to create unique moments with you.

In order to keep your watch in the best condition, a few precautions should be taken when wearing it.



We do not recommend that you wear your watch during intense sports activities, sweating and possible shocks could cause premature damage to your watch. Also, make sure your watch perfectly fit your wrist. A bracelet that is too loose will be more easily damaged and will increase the chances of your case hitting.


We recommend that you take off your watch when you take a shower, this also applies to: saunas, hammams, baths, swimming pool and sea. Even if your watch is waterproof, the seals of your watch will deteriorate due to excessive temperature, sea salt or any other product. However, you bathe in a swimming pool or at sea with your watch, we recommend that you rinse it with fresh water after each immersion in the water. The seals, the shine of your watch and your bracelet may be damaged. Any contact between your watch and chemicals or perfumes is also prohibited.

Also remember to protect your watch from excessive sunlight and excessive humidity.

There you go! You know how to preserve your watch!

Photo credit : pierre_lannier_albania

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