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Instagram Photo Contest #WatchWithAView


What to expect in July and August with Pierre Lannier?

Pierre Lannier, partner of your most beautiful memories!

With family, friends or lovers, the holidays are finally here and you're ready for the big departure.

Whether you opt for a trip to Saint Tropez, a break in Mykonos, a weekend in Barcelona, or a stopover in Cancun, Pierre Lannier accompanies you on your sunny vacation!

Let us discover the most beautiful corners of your route with your Pierre Lannier watch.

montre pierre lannier



The most beautiful pictures will be elected every week: visit our Instagram account  to discover our models of watches around the world!

Take your chance !

Appareil photo Take 1 picture of your Pierre Lannier watch with a breathtaking view, during your holidays.

TéléphoneFollow us, post your picture on Instagram with @PierreLannier + #PierreLannier and #WatchWithAView (check that your account is in public!)

géolocalisation  Geolocate your photo



> Use your imagination to publish a beautiful summer photo in which you focus on Pierre Lannier watches.

> Put it in a unique place.

> Create your own style, be creative!



> This game is open to any person.

> You must respect the conditions of participation: follow the Instagram account Pierre_lannier + include the mandatory information.

> Check that your account is in public

> The brand will contact the winners directly on Instagram to know their details in order to send their winnings. The coordinates will only be used for this purpose and will not be retained by the mark. To find out more about our data privacy policy, please visit our website: https://www.pierre-lannier.fr/privacy-policy

> By the mere fact of his participation, each candidate authorizes the Pierre Lannier Company to use this photo on our website or our social media.

See terms & conditions

Photo credit : @paaulineeo, @julie_guilleron, @clement.rtt, @tendancesblook, @mademoiselle_jude & @aar4v