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Change the time of your watch

25 March 2019 —

Changing the time on your watch is not as simple as it seems. Some tips are to be known so as not to damage the functioning of your watch.


Never operate the push-buttons or the ring of your watch when it is wet, water could get into your watch and damage the mechanism.

Any time change made on your watch must be made in the clockwise direction. Changing the time counter-clockwise would damage the operation of your watch.

In addition, there is a "death zone" in watchmaking, it is represented by the period during which it is not advisable to change the time of your watch. This period extends from 8pm to 4am. Indeed, this manipulation would disturb the mechanism already in motion a few hours before and after the 12 strokes of midnight and could break a tooth on the calendar disc. The purpose of fiftieth watches is to automatically give the date, at the same time as the time.


In a simple, even automatic calendar, it is necessary to manually advance the date hand or disc at the end of months without 31 days in order to update the calendar.

In a perpetual calendar, all changes at the end of each month are made automatically, whether or not the month has 31 days.

It's done! You have changed the time of your watch while preserving its mechanism.

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