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Montre carré une grande tendance du moment

14 November 2019 —

Événement plébiscité par tous les accros de la mode, la Fashion Week de Paris réuni les plus grands noms de la haute couture. Les défilés qui définissent la tendance pour l’Automne-Hiver 2019-2020 s’enchaînent en ...

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2 August 2019 —
Infos métiers

The maintenance of your watch is very important and contributes fully to the longevity of your watch. By upkeeping it regularly, it can stay as new and can continue to create unique moments with you.

In order to keep your watch in the best condition, a few precautions should be taken ...

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Cleaning your watch case

8 July 2019 —

No one wants to wear a careless watch on their wrist. Cleaning your watch case is important. Either it is a simple maintenance or a stained one, this maintenance allows you to preserve your timepiece.
If you can, you can detach your watch strap beforehand so you don't damage it ...

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13 May 2019 —

Mother's day is getting closer and closer... If you haven't found THE right gift idea to touch her yet, don't panic! A watch is a useful gift, an accessory that turns out to be a jewel and that completes all your outfits. It is that why we have specially selected some of our most ...

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Vos changements de bracelets

Straps change

5 April 2019 —
Infos métiers

Would you like to change your watch strap ?
Does your watch benefit from the Quick Release system?

You can now change the style of your watch, according to your outfits and desires!
The change is done very quickly thanks to our interchangeable straps, a few seconds are enough to ...

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