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Nouvelle Collection Contraste

26 October 2020 —

L'histoire de notre collection Contraste
La nouvelle collection de montres Homme Pierre Lannier, Contraste, se détache de nos autres collections de montres. 
Son nom n'a pas été choisi au hasard. Les modèles de cette collection cumulent les ...

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Eolia Automatique

Le Renouveau d'Eolia

17 September 2020 —

Collection iconique de Pierre Lannier, la collection de montres Femme EOLIA dévoile cette année un véritable renouveau. Tout en gardant son essence même et son esprit bohème, nos designers ont voulu insufler un vent de modernité et de renaissance sur ...

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Back to Fashion Week 2020

4 March 2020 —

Once again this year in Paris, Fashion Week brought together the biggest names in haute couture.

Our ambassadresses were there with our Pierre Lannier watches. Each of them have a different look and have their own way of associating their outfit with our watches. 
First day ...

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Square watch a big trend

14 November 2019 —

The LECARE Collection is characterised by the finesse of its case, it lightness, the texture of its dial and the quality of it finishing. Are you looking for an original watch ? Square dial and sobriety are the characteristics of our new LECARÉ collection. Discover this ...

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2 August 2019 —

The maintenance of your watch is very important and contributes fully to the longevity of your watch. By upkeeping it regularly, it can stay as new and can continue to create unique moments with you.

In order to keep your watch in the best condition, a few precautions should be taken ...

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Cleaning your watch case

8 July 2019 —

No one wants to wear a careless watch on their wrist. Cleaning your watch case is important. Either it is a simple maintenance or a stained one, this maintenance allows you to preserve your timepiece.
If you can, you can detach your watch strap beforehand so you don't damage it ...

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